Holding a successful meeting requires good planning and professional organizing. That’s what we can do for you. We will provide you with a wide venue selection; we will take care of your attendees’ accommodation and transportation.

All miniscule details are under our great attention. All you have is to decide the meeting’s subject and attendees’ names, and we will plan a successful meeting that fulfills the event’s goal and help you avoid all the pitfalls.



Because the pep talk is not enough sometimes to keep your employees motivated and high spirited for work, think out of the box and move out of the office. Organize a trip for your employees to Egypt to pep up the staff, sharpen the team skills, and start thinking beyond work. Nothing returns the spark and inspires people like a good vacation; maybe that’s precisely what your employees need.

We will help you organize the trip and avoid you any hassle. You don’t need to worry about the number of the group or the details of the journey; we will do it all for you. Your staff will have an unforgettable trip that will keep them motivated for years; they will be spoiled with luxury.

You can thank us later.


Professional business conventions require professional organizing, and that is our specialty. We guarantee the best services, various venues, luxurious accommodation, and very comfortable means of transportation for the attendees. We will handle all your needs, taking out the pressure and stress of the planning to leave you enjoying your event.



Great events need big organizing, and that’s our task; we always go big.

If you are organizing a corporate event to promote your company or build business relations, then you came to the experts. We will arrange a flawless professional event with the desired ambiance that fits the corporate image and conveys its message.

We will handle the venue and the booking, then assist you with the production of your event; all you have is to focus on your central goal for the event and don’t worry about the hectic details of the process.