Have an extraordinary indulging experience with our Luxury family tour packages; whether you are traveling with your family or close friends, we have what you need. Pamper your family and connect with them over the ancient culture of Egypt; with a tour that fits the tastes of three family generations, we will do all the heavy lifting for you. If you are celebrating life’s most significant milestones or just looking for a good escape, we got you covered. We offer to plan:

  • Family celebrations
  • Birthdays
  • Family Reunions
  • Anniversary

Fancy Honeymoons

Get ready for a unique romantic experience. Egypt has some of the top destinations for Honeymooners in the world. With us, we will add a fancy touch with lots of romance and privacy just for you; it’s our job to spoil lovely couples. It is your first big trip after the big “I do,” and since couples are different, the journey you are about to embark on should reflect who you really are.

Whether you are the cultured type, the adventurous, the laid-back, or anything in between, orchestrate your journey to meet your needs. You can customize the perfect trip for you and your partner and then leave the rest for us. Punctuate your trip with memorable moments.


Those who are pursuing a return to their adventurous and thrill-seeking origins get ready to unearth your next adventure. You might think of Egypt as a not adventure-friendly country, but you thought wrong, there are many and various types of experience you can have in Egypt.

If you are eager to try the Bedouin life, here are the sort of adventures you can have in the desert, like a Safari where you get to camp in the vast deserts of Egypt under the clear night skies. You will experience an adventure on a Quadro Bike, cruising the desert of Egypt.

If you are more into sports activities, Egypt also has unique sports like Golf, Horse riding, and Shooting.

If you are a Thalassophiles, have salt in your veins, and sand in your heart, we have just the right water sports for you like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, and Kite surfing.

If you are looking for blood-pumping activities, you have to try Hiking or Skydiving; if you like heights and want to enjoy a nice view from the top but afraid of the jump, you can go for the air-balloon.



If you are itching to discover cultures and have immersive experiences in Egypt, the land of civilization, so get ready to discover ancient worlds and modern cultures. Get under the skin of past & present cultures in an unforgettable journey in Egypt to broaden your horizons and awaken your curiosity. There is so much to see in Egypt, like:

  • Museums, Egypt has an extensive collection of museums, tackling different eras in Egypt from the Pharaonic until modern history.
  • Mosques, the Islamic archetype in Egypt, is mesmerizing; you’ll find mosques with different styles, from the ottoman to the mamluk.
  • Tombs, from Pharaonic, Roman, and even World War, Egypt has all different styles and shapes of tombs, from the ancient times to the recent.
  • Temples, Egypt has a magnificent collection of temples that prove the Pharaoh’s greatness, standing for thousands of years to tell us stories from the past and amaze the world.
  • Monasteries, Christianity entered Egypt hundreds of years ago; Egypt beholds one of the oldest monasteries in the world and a collection of many other significant monasteries.
  • Bibliotheque, Egypt has one of the largest Bibliotheque in the world, located in Alexandria, a major cultural center in Egypt.
  • Citadels, either built for defensive purposes or to be the house of the government officials, the citadels of Egypt are always a pleasure to see. The most famous are: Salah el Din Citadel in Cairo and Qaitbay fortress in Alexandria.
  • Palaces, built so uniquely and magnificently that most of them turned into museums, as the architect alone is a piece of art and a treasure. The most famous ones are: Montazah Palace in Alexandria, and Abdin Palace in Cairo.

Egypt won’t fail to immerse you in unique cultures and history from different eras.