Private Jet

We are proud to serve businesses, families, and Athletes by providing the best Private Jet Charter services. We will be with you in each step of your Private Jet Charter by providing a wide range of aircraft matching your requirements.

You can rest assured while your travel is fully taken care of, we have a team of specialists who are on hand and ready to help. If you have your own Jet, no problem, your entry to your desired destinations will be smooth sailing; we also take care of that.


Private Yacht

Cause yachting on your own private yacht is an exceptional experience; we will make it even more extraordinary with our charter yacht services. You will have a luxury yacht with an experienced crew and the highest levels of services on board.

And if you have your own yacht, you still need our services; you don’t have to worry about the hectic procedures, we will prepare everything. Traveling with a private Yacht is the most bespoke vacation one can possibly imagine.

Private Limousine

We offer various luxurious chauffeur-driven car services, from cars to minivans and buses for big groups. Book your private limousine to drive you around freely, and have a worry-free journey.

We provide the best private limousine service to take you wherever you want, whenever you want, with privacy and superb comfort.


Tailor Made

Because traveling doesn’t only give you the chance to discover more about the world but also to discover more about yourself, we made tailor-made trips to have an authentic traveling experience that reflects your character and fits your schedule. We aim to immerse each traveler into the heart of Egypt and to have a unique experience with all the freedom that the heart desires. You can customize your trip to fit your timeframe and interests, leaving the details to us to manage.

You will have a luxurious experience with a bespoke itinerary design. You don’t need to worry about searching for a trip that fits in with your schedule while you can customize your tour with a personalized itinerary.